* AFORM is not responsible for any valuables left in the rooms. For safe keeping of your passport/money/etc., please deposit those items in the office safe.
* AFORM retains the right to use any photos or video clips taken during the workshop for advertising purposes solely for future workshops (not for a 3rd party sale). If you do not agree to this term please inform us in advance before arriving at Hagen.
* Physiotherapy will be charged according to treatment and time.
* AFORM is not held responsible for any transport to and from the workshop carried out by other contractors. Students under 16 years old are required to notify the office and they will be personally picked up at  airport, or main station.
* Every dancer student must have a medical insurance valid for Europe.
* AFORM will not refund any tuition/accommodation fees if a student’s leaves as a result of a pre-existing injury or medical condition.
* Students taking any medications must inform the office of their condition and bring an ample supply of their medication from their home.
* Travel insurance is not included, we highly recommend that you take personal travel insurance before you travel which will also cover your cancellation fees if you are unable to attend at the last minute.

FAQ - All you need to know...

When should I arrive in Hagen?
* We would like you to arrive on July 18-19th.
When should I book my departure?
* August 15th 16th.
Which airport I fly to?
* Düsseldorf or Dortmund.
Do I need any kind of insurance?
* When you buy your airline ticket, we suggest that you will pay extra for insurance in case of lost luggage or any occurrence during the flight. A good travel insurance will also cover you if you for some reason, need to leave the workshop and want a refund.
Can my partner / family come with me to  Hagen?
* Yes, your family is welcome to join you, however we must know by the end of May about accompanying persons in order to reserve rooms for them. Please contact Alex
Where are the rooms?
* The rooms are in Hagen. You will find the address and pictures of the rooms on our homepage.
Where do I buy food?
* There are supermarkets all over at very low prices. There are also  International Restaurants, 5 min. walk from the studios.
How do I travel in the city? How do I get to the studio?
* When you arrive in Hagen we will have an orientation meeting. You will receive a map of the city and recommendations how to get around.
Do I need to bring linen?
* You will be provided with towels and bedding. However, we recommend bringing 2 extra towels.(for training)
How many students are in a room?
* We have rooms for 2 ,3 and 4 students. The rooms will be assigned on arrival.
You will be able to choose your roommates, or share a room with your accompanying person. Please let us know in advance if you are coming with a chaperon/parent/teacher, so we can book the extra rooms. Accompanying persons will be charged 35 € a night. The regular rooms are 22 € per night.
What about security and dormitory rules?
* AFORM will not be responsible for any valuables left in the rooms. Passports and money can be locked in the office safe. Please contact the administrator or arrival to place those items in the safe.
Will there be other expenses that I have to pay?
* AFORM has also arranged for some sightseeing tours at a very low cost, which will be announced later. (approx. 15 €)
Is there a dress code for the workshop?
* We respect the traditional ballet dress code. Girls, please wear your hair so we can see your neck.
What time shall I arrive to class?
* The studio will be open 1 hour before classes begin. The detailed schedule will be posted every week in advance. It will specify what variation you learn, what rehearsal you take and the teachers of that week. There will be a different schedule each week. You must be at the Studio at least 15 min. before Class start.
How do I call my parents/friends?
* You can buy a calling card for the public phones. Or make sure that your cell phone works in Europe.
What if my parents want to get in touch with me?
* Alex Fotescu, the workshop director will take messages in case of an emergency or very important issues.
Is there Internet connection in the rooms?
* No. In the city are few Internet Café.
Is it safe to roam around Hagen at night?
* Yes. Hagen is a safe city, there are a lot of tourists here in the summer. Otherwise the city is beautiful for a walk at all times.
What else should I bring with me to the workshop?

For classes and performances, please bring enough leotards, (at least 2 black ones) leg warmers, one long flowing skirt, any color will do. Character shoes, Boys, please bring at least one pair of long black pants (Jazz pants).

For daily wear,Germany in the summer is very warm, with occasional showers. So bring summer clothes, and an extra light jacket, in case of a rainy night.